Uft Contract Substitute Teachers

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The purpose of this article is to provide information about the UFT Contract Substitute Teachers that are prevalent in the education sector. The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) is a union for teachers in New York City, which is responsible for improving the welfare of its members and promoting quality education in public schools. One of the significant roles of the UFT is to secure favorable working conditions for its members, including substitute teachers. Therefore, this article will cover all aspects of UFT Contract Substitute Teachers, including their benefits, requirements, and how to become one.

What are UFT Contract Substitute Teachers?

UFT Contract Substitute Teachers are teachers employed by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) on a short-term basis to fill in for absent teachers. These subs are members of the UFT, and their terms and conditions of employment are stipulated in the UFT`s collective bargaining agreement with the NYCDOE. The UFT is responsible for negotiating fair wages and benefits for the substitute teachers, which are based on the standard daily rate for teachers in the union.

Requirements for UFT Contract Substitute Teachers:

To become a UFT Contract Substitute Teacher, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

1. A bachelor`s degree: You must possess a bachelor`s degree from an accredited institution. The degree can be in any field, but education-related degrees are preferred.

2. Certification: You need to be certified by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to teach in the state of New York. The certification requirements vary depending on the subject area you intend to teach.

3. UFT Membership: As stated earlier, UFT Contract Substitute Teachers are members of the union; therefore, you must become a member of the UFT to be eligible for employment.

Benefits of UFT Contract Substitute Teachers:

UFT Contract Substitute Teachers enjoy several benefits, which include:

1. Health Insurance: They are entitled to health insurance through the City of New York.

2. Pension Plans: They can participate in the NYC Teachers` Retirement System (TRS), which is a tax-deferred retirement benefit plan.

3. Job Security: UFT Contract Substitute Teachers have job security and are protected from arbitrary layoffs.

4. Paid Time Off: They are entitled to paid time off, including sick days, personal days, and holidays, just like permanent teachers.

How to become a UFT Contract Substitute Teacher:

To become a UFT Contract Substitute Teacher, you need to follow these steps:

1. Apply: You can apply online by visiting the NYC Department of Education website or the UFT website.

2. Screening: After submitting your application, you will undergo a screening process, which includes a background check, fingerprinting, and drug testing.

3. Interview: If you pass the screening, you will be invited for an interview with the NYCDOE.

4. Training: Once hired, you will receive training, which includes orientation, classroom management, and teaching strategies.


UFT Contract Substitute Teachers are an essential part of the education sector, as they provide a vital service in ensuring that students continue to learn even in the absence of their regular teachers. They enjoy several benefits such as job security, health insurance, and paid time off, which make their work more fulfilling. Therefore, if you meet the requirements, becoming a UFT Contract Substitute Teacher can be a rewarding experience.

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